My name is Anthony Khelil, I am 18 years old and I am currently in computer engineering school. Passionate about computers and electronics, I quickly became interested in developing video games. I learned programming in C/C++ at the age of 10, then I discovered other languages such as HTML/CSS or PHP/SQL, in order to broaden my vision of computing. I also made many Arduino assemblies, using different modules, in order to practice the basics of electronics and connect computer and electronics.

After developing BomberMario last year, I started designing a more elaborate game, using more complex algorithms and more sophisticated systems. After more than a year of work, I am proud to present Super Pokémon Run, the result of my progress. A fusion of the unforgettable Super Mario Run and the undeniable Pokémon license, the game allows you to move into a 2D world similar to the one Mario has been through all these years, letting the player freely embody many different Pokémon, each with their own specificities.
The first goal of the game is to cross each available level (20 in the Alpha version, then 40 in the final version) and release the Toad prisoner. In each level, you'll have to face different enemies who will block your way, and meet other allied Pokémon. Each Pokémon is in a specific location, to allow access to new areas of the game. During your journey, you will also find PokéPièces, which, if you collect them all in the same level, will give you an additional medal, visible in the Adventure mode menu ! Here are some of the Pokémon you will meet during your trip :


Fire-type Pokémon,
Arcanin is the only Pokémon that can survive
this element, which makes it capable of swimming
across lava lakes.


One of the most muscular Pokémon of all time,
Mackogneur is a Combat type and has
a very high strength that allows him to explode
the brick blocks in his path.